End-To-End Digital Exam Partner

maxmyskills is a professional online exam platform that helps you to define skill/concept/topic-based question sets and conduct tests to assess capabilities of your candidates/students.

With a plug-and-play model, the tool can be easily integrated with LMS platforms. With minimal steps you can use the tool for conducting common types of exams and evaluation tests as per learning needs.




Manage question bank with various types of questions – MCQ, True/False, Yes/No, Essay Type

Candidate Management

Register students and candidates with ease. Club them in groups and batches.

Exam Management

Create and conduct time bound, multiple online exams for small to large batches. Works across multiple devices.

Analyse Results

Analyse performance of students and candidates with the aid of graphical performance reports

Safe and Secure Data Management

We have ensured that your data is safe and secure by adopting best practices to prevent data thefts and unauthorised access

How It Works

Manage your end to end assessment in five easy steps

Create Questions

Setup Exams

Assign Exams

Conduct Exams


Secure, Scalable Environment

AWS Hosting

Your data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) - a popular and flexible secure cloud environment. We also use various AWS services for data storage and computation that ensures security.

Secure Data Exchange

We ensure that all the data exchange that happens between users and MaxMySkills are safeguarded against data breaches.

Data Privacy

Your data privacy is ensured through compartmentalisation and stored in databases that are the best secure storage environments

Access-rights based usage

Clearly defined access rights ensure that candidates can only view own data as well as assigned tests. Only authorised users can update question repository and test assessment data.