Student Assessments

Conduct periodic assessment tests and mock exams to assess and guide students to prepare for board examinations as well as competitive exams

  • Maintain question banks for various subject topics at chapter/concept/skill levels
  • Reuse test templates to conduct exams on regular basis for various batches
  • Track student performance using exam history and analytical reports
  • Prevent cheating through web proctoring

Training and Development

Accurately assess and evaluate effectiveness of trainings as well as upskilling/reskilling initiatives helping build your talent pool and future leaders

  • Maintain questions banks for behavioural assessments, personality tests, cognitive ability, and competency evaluation
  • Conduct multiple time bound pre- and post-assessments
  • Rate employee performance using powerful user-friendly reports
  • Transparent and objective evaluation process leading to employee satisfaction
  • Cut time and save costs through appraisal tests rather than lengthy appraisal processes

Recruitment Assessments

Select the best from the vast talent pool with lesser effort in timely and cost-efficient manner

  • Conduct technical, aptitude, skill, and personality assessments in bulk
  • Objective performance comparison using intuitive reports
  • Easy candidate registration steps
  • Self-registration option for candidates
  • Eliminate malpractices through web proctoring